“I Want You to Be Happy Day”

Today, March 3, 2014, is “I want you to be Happy Day” as well as “Grammar Day,” not to mention “Holy Experiment Day.”  So I ask, what do these three special events have to do with one another?  


Honestly, i have no clue.  I could make up some abstract reason why they are correlated but I doubt it would make sense to anyone but me.  Do I see a correlation, yes.  Could I make a connection, yes.  But rather than drag on about Grammar Day (which I actually despise, because of a traumatic encounter with an English teacher in High School that scarred me and my writing talents for life!) which is completely correlated with penmanship, another failed disaster in my aging life, I will skip this awful holiday and focus on the other two.


“Holy Experiment Day”–I buried my Grandmother today.  Shivering at her gravesite where she would be forever laid to rest with my Grandfather.  I wonder what the point of it all is.  Do the lifeless bones have any purpose other than make space for a tombstone that says, “Yes, I was here, me and my love.”  I suppose at the coming of the Resurrection their bones, or what’s left of them, will rise to meet their souls for the Final Judgement.  Will they become an army?  An army to fight off evil, under Archangel Michael’s command?  An army to defeat the dark forces of Satan and reign in God’s supreme justice and righting of the world?


Honestly, I have no idea.  But it sounds interesting:)


Let’s focus on I want you to be happy day.  I hope my Grandmother is dancing in heaven with my Grandfather.  How they loved to dance.  I hope my Grandma and Grandpa on my maternal side are playing piano and singing show tunes.  I hope my beautiful little sister is frolicking in heaven looking down upon all of us with a smile on her face as if she’s harboring some beautiful secret that she cannot wait to share.  I think of the Oscar award winner for best supporting actress.  Her speech last night was amazing.  She ended it by saying, “No matter where you are from, your dreams are not in vain.”  What a beautiful statement of hope from a woman that had achieved the “joy of her life.”  If we can remember the happy times more than the sad, the wicked, the grueling times…we are surely blessed.  


Happiness starts from within.  An inspirational tool for change.  Once you find your happiness it would be a deadly sin not to share it.  I try to wish the best for people.  To not be selfish.  To achieve my aims whist making room for other’s aims.  Causing pain is not an appetite I wish to indulge.  So I say on this day, “Be happy my friends and consorts and acquaintances.  Life is way to short sometimes to harbor grudges, hold on to past hurts, soaking in depression.  Take heart and know that you are loved.  By many, by me, by yourself.”


Happiness is an inalienable right.  Our founders thought so, and lest we not forget that.


Happy I Want You to Be Happy Day!


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